We have mixes available for most common applications:

*      Footings

*      Slabs on Grade

*      Light Weight Mixes for Elevated Slabs

*      Flyash Mixes

*      N.J D.O.T Mixes for Curb and Sidewalks

*      Mixes varying from strengths as low 2,000 psi up to as high as 10,000 psi

Color Concrete       Click here for available colors.

Colonial Concrete Company can help you get a matching color of concrete for your particular project. We offer the popular Scofield Chromix Concrete Color Admixture. Scofield Chromix offers various pigments to obtain the color you desire.

Concrete Admixtures

Accelguard 80      Click here for Accelguard 80.

Accelguard 80 is a non-chloride accelerating water reducer admixture, the benefits of using this product are:

*      Reduce the concrete initial set 1-4 hours depending

*      Improved workability and provides denser concrete

*      Minimizes surface bleeding and segregation

*      Saves money allowing earlier concrete finishing

*      Increases protection of concrete in cold weather

*      Fast project turn around time

Daratard 17       Click here for Daratard 17.

Daratard 17 is a concrete retarder / water reducer admixture, the benefits of using this product are:

*      Using 3.0 ounces per 100 weight of cement can extend the initial set of concrete by 2 to 3 hours.

*      Reduce water demand by 8% to 10% when specified dosage is incorporated in the concrete mix

*      Ideal for use when placing concrete in hot weather

DCI S Corrosion Inhibitor       Click here for DCI S Corrosion Inhibitor.

DCI S Corrosion Inhibitor is a liquid added to concrete during the batching process, the benefits of using this product are:

*      Chemically inhibits the corrosion action of chlorides on the reinforcing steel and prestressed strands in concrete.

MicroFiber      Click here for MicroFiber.

MicroFiber is a synthetic fiber for concrete, the benefits of using this product are:

*      Reduces the formation of plastic shrinkage cracking

*      Extreme high number of fibers in the fresh concrete matrix protects the concrete when its tensile strength is at its lowest

Steel Fiber      Click here for Steel Fiber.

Steel Fibers are filaments of wire, deformed and cut to lengths, meant to replace wire mesh and rebar for reinforcement of concrete, mortar and other composite materials, some of the benefits of using this product are:

*      15% - 30% faster than placing rebar or welded wire mesh

*      Reduced slab thickness with increased length to depth ratio

*      Increased load bearing capacity due to redistribution of stresses

Adva 140M       Click here for Adva 140M.

Adva 140M is a Polycarboxylate-based High-Range Water Reducer, the benefits of using this product are:

*      Allows concrete to be designed at high slumps and maintain low water/cement ratios

*      Provides a superior combination of long slump life with near neutral set times

*      Improves the concrete finishability without stickiness, tearing or spotty set characteristics

Adva Flex       Click here for Adva Flex.

We are currently testing Ava Flex for specific application such as Parking Structure Rehabilitation. The advantages include being able to adjust the slump life retention on a "as needed" basis during the initial dose.

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