Colonial Concrete Company maintains a vast array of file servers, data links and computer workstations supporting the operation of COMMANDseries, a concrete industry specific suite of software programs from Command Alkon, Inc.
  • Computerized Concrete Dispatching and Batch Control Systems

    The COMMANDseries concrete dispatching application, COMMANDconcrete, offers a wide range of industry-specific functionality that is specifically designed to assist with increasing concrete dispatch efficiency, improving truck utilization, and providing timely and accurate operational information to enhance decision-making within our company.
  • Electronic Truck Dispatch and GPS Tracking Systems

    COMMANDconcrete's COMMANDsignal Interface module features statusing, 2-way canned messaging, and text messaging from dispatch to trucks. These messages provide the data for automatic truck status movement in Truck Tracking and for displaying the location of a truck on a map in Truck Tracking.

    COMMANDconcrete's Truck Tracking module monitors the fleet throughout every phase of the workday to help maximize fleet utilization. It allows the dispatcher to react to ever-changing job conditions and ensure that planned service levels are carried out ensuring that every load is delivered on time.

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